Eating healthy on a budget

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I do not understand where this myth that eating healthy costs more.

Yes, an organic bag of apples costs more than a bag of chips. But those apples last all week (or several weeks), and the chips last half that long and offer no nutritional value.

The people that complain about the cost of healthy eating are often the ones that eat out every-other meal… Now who can afford that????

I can eat healthy on a budget for several reasons

  • I eat less. Intermediate fasting reduces the amount of eating and snacking I’d normally do throughout the day. No sipping sodas and juices (hidden costs btw), no mindless munching on chips and snacks (empty calories), and no alcohol! Alcohol can rack up some costs quick, and it’s full of sugar, carbs, and calories. Skip the alcohol. I prep and eat one main meal a day: a salad, dinner, then a protein dessert shake.
  • I eat in season. Buying foods in season (and locally) will cut the costs of produce. Buy fresh and local will also cut costs. I get my organic vegetable from our local farmers market every week. What I don’t get at the market I find at the grocery store if I need.
  • I plan ahead. Shop deals and plan around sale items. Know what stores have the best products for the best prices. When you find a deal, plan meals around it. Kroger has my deals on quality foods, and they have an app that helps me shop deals and clip coupons to cut my grocery budget!
  • I prioritize my health. If there’s a healthy item that does cost a lot, I’ll justify purchasing it because my health is priority to me. I can cut costs elsewhere to make sure my body gets what it needs to thrive.

If you are struggling with over spending on healthy eating, analyze where you’re spending. Many supplements are unnecessary if you’re eating a well balanced diet. Eliminate those. Take beverages off your shopping list. Eat eggs, chicken and tuna. Make salads in bulk and add seasonal vegetables. Beans and legumes are cheap and nutritious, so add that to your meal planning.

If you’re still over spending and don’t know why you can’t get your food bill down, reach out and I’d be happy to help you create and stick to a grocery budget that works for you.

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