Be a badsss at life

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Do you feel like life just kind of happens to you? You have a tendency to just go with the flow. You graduated high school with mostly good grades. Went to college, because that’s what you’re supposed to do. Majored in business, because that sounds like it could be useful. Took out a loan, because everyone else does it. Got a job at a fast food joint, because it pays the bills. Have a significant other, because you don’t want to be lonely.

Now that doesn’t really sound like a bad life. That’s how most of us chose to operate, because it’s easy, almost automatic, and what we’re familiar with!

But what if…

You graduated high school with such good grades that you got a full scholarship at the local community college where you attend because you intend to be a badass entrepreneur. You’re debt free and have the option to take a part-time job with a company you admire, practicing for the day you run your own business. And in your extra time, you practice personal developmentand self care. You’re not lonely, you don’t need outside validation. You value yourself and understand the importance of lovingyourself.

Does that sound better?

Then girl, finish your coffee, pull your hair back, and find your red lipstick and heels!

You may already be a college graduate, have a spouse and three kids, and work a steady job. But if you’re still reading this I’m willing to bet there’s more you want to do with your life.

Learn to live intentionally.

When you wake up, what kind of routine do you follow? Are you setting yourself and your day up for success?

Start by waking up an hour earlier. I wake up at 5:30am for optimal productivity in the morning. Give thanks for the day ahead.

Fill your body with fuel. I drink coffee. I’m a coffee addict. And that’s all I put in my body in the mornings. If you eat breakfast, consider eggs and toast or oatmeal and fruit.

Move your body. Some people chose to exercise then eat breakfast. You do you. But first I do the coffee, then I do the things. But make sure that at least once daily you celebrate what your body can do.

Put yo’self together. Shower, put on your face, do your hair, put on something flattering, look in the mirror and tell yourself you look hot. Just do it, trust me.

Enjoy a moment of silence. Close your eyes and take a deep breath. You are already such a badass. Write in your journal everything you’re thankful for in this moment. Write out your day in your planner and set out a list of tasks you’re going to crush today.

Fill up. Read a little, listen to a podcast, watch an influencer… Find something inspirational to fire up your day! Fill up your mind with motivational and encouraging messages, and tell yourself you got this. Tell yourself, “today is the day!”

Go get it, girl.

Don’t forget to recharge. Eat a nutritious dinner mindfully. Chew each bite for thirty seconds and savor the flavors and give thanks for each bite. Hydrate thoroughly before bed. Gotta keep that skin glowing.

Unwind and relax. Set a bedtime routine. Sip some chamomile tea. Read a little. Turn off the freaking electronics. Seriously. You need a break. Pray and give thanks. Stretch out all your tense and tired muscles.

Get your Zzzzzzz. Plan to get at least 8 hours of sleep every night. Follow a good bedtime routine to train yourself to fall asleep naturally. Supplement with melatonin and valerian if you have trouble falling asleep naturally. Use lavender essential oil in a diffuser and as a pillow spray. Curl up under a weighted blanket (if you’re weird like me and need to be cocooned to sleep).

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