Essential self care items

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If you don’t already have a self care routine, get one!

Self care is so important. It’s not selfish. You need to put something back into yourself so you can continue to pour into others. If you don’t, you will eventually run out of energy and cruise through life on fumes.

I personally have daily, weekly and monthly routines, and tools to deliver for optimal care!

Dry Brush. I dry brush daily before showering. It is such a quick and easy part of my routine, but it leaves my skin feeling tingly! It promotes good circulation and lymphatic drainage, as well as exfoliates and reduces the appearance of cellulite.

Oil rollers. I roll essential oil blends on my wrists and temples once or twice a day. I have blends from 21 Drops. I can’t promote this brand enough! They smell amazing and roll on so smooth!! Their headache blend feels fresh, and their sleep blend is calming and has a lavender scent.

Cupping therapy. I love to use cupping for muscle recovery and to boost circulation. About once a week (or after a long run) I’ll pull out my cupping set and use it in the shower or with a body oil.

Spa day. So this means that I wax my under arm. Maybe not the ideal way to treat yourself, but I use a hard blue wax that doesn’t hurt, and if you wax consistently it hurts less. I can go up to two weeks between waxes, even then the hair growth is less course and visible than if I were to shave.

Facial scrub. You can make a facial scrub from scratch right in your kitchen. My most basic recipe is sugar and coconut oil. A more spa-like recipe is jojoba oil, salt and rose or jasmine essential oils.

Candle lit shower. Sounds simple, I know. But light some candles and taking a long hot shower just to relax and let go of tension. Enjoy the atmosphere!

Comment with your self care routine below and let me know how you invest in yourself.

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