Getting back on track with diet

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Ever been on a super healthy kick, only to fall off due to a busy schedule, unforeseen circumstances, or a binge?

I fell off because of vacation.

We ate out a lot whole we were gone. That made me feel bloated and under nourished.

We got back and I was slammed with catching up at work. Then Halloween hit, and the chocolate began to pour in.

After almost a month (yes folks, a month!) of eating like crap, I decided to get back on track and heal my bloated belly.

It is more difficult when you don’t have a support group, and for the most part I do have to venture out on my own in this health and fitness journey. But that’s another blog post for another day.

So girls (and guys, if you’re reading) here’s how to get back on track, even if you’re going at it alone and unsupported.

1. Think long-term/big-picture. There’s a lot of overnight solutions to get rid of bloat and bounce back. And I’m not trying to say that doesn’t work, but I’m here to talk about lifestyle and what lasts. So take a couple days or a week to reinforce good habits.

2. Start by hydrating your body. Even if your first day. Remember what I said about long-term? Well on day one, focus solely on getting yourself hydrated, it will kickstart the rest of your journey.

3. Meal plan and prep. Think about the week ahead of you. Think realistically. Plan out some super simple meals that you can reach for to satisfy cravings. Cook up a week’s worth of proteins and vegetables (Go easy on the grains this week) and have that readily available so you aren’t grabbing for snacks and junk.

4. Eat low inflammatory foods and supplement with probiotics. Following up on bulletin 3, plan to eat low inflammatory: lean meats, avocados, green tea. And invest in a high quality probiotic to get your gut back where it needs to be.

5. Journal. Not kidding you, this will help. At the end of each day, jot down how you feel, what your successes were, how you plan to better tomorrow, what encourages you.

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