How I go on vacation so often

Note: This post may contain affiliate links and ads. I make commission on items purchased through links in this post at no extra cost to you.

My husband and I both enjoy traveling and spending time away. We both have stressful jobs that demand a lot of time and energy, and do it’s important and helpful for us to get away for the purpose of unwinding and reseting. We have made travel and vacation a priority.

Since it’s a priority, and a routine expense, we can save and budget for it accordingly. When we write out our monthly budget we allot percentages of our incomes to different savings goals. We have a separate savings fund just for vacation.

How much you save is up to you. It will vary from person to person depending on where you go, what you do, and how often you travel.

I utilize Expedia for car rentals and lodging. I get points back for each transaction, as well as get a member discount at some great hotels!

Groupon has also saved my wallet. Before I go anywhere, I look for deals online and on Groupon.

Follow my blog and look me up on Pinterest to get more tips on where to go while you’re on vacation. I’ll share budget-friendly dining, affordable lodging and super fun activities!

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