What I eat after I run

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So to start, I am not an avid runner. I run anywhere from 1 to 7 miles, depending on where I’m at in my goals.

I run, get busy and fall out of my routine, stop running, then pick it back up.

Even when I run consistently and build back towards the half marathon goal, I don’t like to run every day of the week. It makes me hangry.

To try and curb this hanger, I fuel up with everything my body could need as soon as I finish cooling down and stretching.

If you’ve read my blog, you know I practice intermittent fasting. If I’m running, I fast 16/8 so I can fuel up after a morning run and not break my fast.

I start the morning (hours before I ever hit the trails) with tons of water. I don’t drink gatorade, I’ll chug some coconut water afterwards if I feel like I need to replenish electrolytes.

After my run, I’ll make a slices of avocado toast (loaded with avocado) and topped with two eggs.

I love smoothies and desserts, so for added protein I’ll treat myself to a post-lunch snack and sip on a chocolate almond protein shake to keep me full until dinner.

At dinner, I’m mindful about what I put on my plate. I try and always have a side salad, and I chose very protein-dense dinners to include a carb or starch (quinoa, sweet potato, couscous).

If I start to feel hunger creeping back before bed I’ll chug some more water, grab a handful of nuts and a tuna pack (love the $1 packs from Kroger! ♡ Only 80 calories and 16 grams of protein!).

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Comment your tips on how to beat runner’s hanger

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