Cross training for running

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I’m not an avid runner. I like to run about twice a week with long run before the weekend. My long run is only between 5 and 7 miles, not even half marathon distances right now. But I’m happy with my running routine.

I was able to add so many miles and stay on top of my distance and speed (even without going for a run more than once or twice a week) with cross training.

During my off days, I focus on working my upper and lower body, core and abs. Even my yoga is for strengthening my body and preventing injuries.

I love the Fitbod app, especially for body building. Last I was trying focused on bodybuilding (not to bulk up and get huge, to strengthen specific muscles and get stronger). I enjoyed it, and I definitely saw results, but I’m a little ADD/ADHD, so I looked for something new.

I started running daily. That lead to massive hunger at night, and I felt like even though I was slimmer down, I was losing muscle tone. So I added in crossfit. I downloaded a workout timer on my phone and did HIIT crossfit to build up strength as well as explosive cardio.

Lastly, I include yoga after each workout and on my rest days. Yoga builds up a strong core and stabilizer muscles to prevent injury. You also get a great stretch and improve your flexibility. And you walk away from the gym feeling amazing after a good stretch!

Comment below how you train to run and how many miles you’ve been able to add, or how your speed has improved because of it. And don’t forget to follow my blog!

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