Girlboss Morning Routine

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Alright all you girl bosses, time to wake up and conquer!

Wake up early. I wake up at 5:30. This gives me about two hours to shape my day before I go to my regular job.

Skip breakfast. Practice intermittent fasting. You will feel hungry in the beginning, but that passes quickly. This helps cut calories and gives your body a chance to rest from digestion and use the extra energy to heal itself.

Hydrate. Drink a huge glass of water first thing. Add some lemon or a shot of vinegar for added health benefits!

Empty your mind. Brain dump into your journal, then think about how you want today to be and what you can do better today. What are you thankful for? What are you proud of yourself for?

Now fill your mind up with good. Read something edifying. For me, it’s the Bible. Start your day with encouragement and inspiration!

Get ready. Shower and fix your hair. Put on your face and put on your cutest outfit. Do this even if you’re staying home or running errands.

Go and crush your goals. Get out the door (or not, if you’re staying home and crushing goals there) and get things done. Cross things off your to-do list and celebrate a little every time you do.

Comment below with your girl boss routine and let me know how you set yourself up for success. Don’t forget to follow my blog!

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