8 investments that you need to start contributing to for a fuller, more purposeful life

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Invest in your self. Take time to put back into yourself. You can’t run on an empty tank, and you can’t pour into others if you have nothing to give from.

Practice self care daily to replenish lost energy.

Invest for your future. Plan ahead and put a little away into an investment account every month. Let your money work for you.

Have a literal investment. Put money away where it will earn interest and build on itself.

Invest in the things that matter to you. Invest time and energy into finding and getting your dream job.

Invest in the right people. As an introvert, I have no problem saying this is a matter of priority. Pour the time and energy into the people you are closest to and want to build relationships with.

Don’t waste time in painful or unhealthy relationships.

Invest back into the planet. Live sustainability.

Practice eco-friendly and sustainable living to leave behind a better planet for future generations.

Invest in your health. Fuel your body with the right nutrients and celebrate what it can do with movement.

You only get one body. Treat it with love and respect.

Invest in your mind. Read and study topics you are interested.

Grow your mind daily. Read, take classes, pick up stimulating hobbies, set out to learn at least one new thing every day.

And this should be first and foremost…

Invest in your spirit. If you are a Christian, your first priority should always be with the Lord. Read your Bible, pray, fellowship with His people, and share your faith with others.

If your soul is right with the Lord, everything else will fall into place.

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