Why you need blue light blocking glasses

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We all in live in a world of technology. We may try to avoid spending endless hours looking at screens, some of you readers may even go days without picking up your phone during a technology fast. But we do go the majority of our lives surrounded by screens and utilizing tiny mobile devices with miniscule writing.

I personally struggled with headaches and I strain. Since I started blogging more frequently it got worse, and then I worked more late nights in the office at my desk and I’d go home with blurred vision and eye strain. I really thought this was normal, just a way of life now. Then I saw an influencer on YouTube wearing some blue light blocking glasses, and she explained what they were and why she loved them. So I started doing a little research.

I bought my first pair off of Amazon. They averaged at $3 a pair. Kind of sketchy, right? They came with a blue light test kit and with high reviews. There was 5 pair in my package. I keep a couple pairs at home, one at my work desk and one in my vehicle. I love the larger pack so I can stash them places!

After trying them, I can’t recommend blue light blocking glasses enough. The lack of glare and harsh blinding light from my phone, TV and computer screens is unbelievable. Who knew I could sit down in the morning and churn out a blog post and check my emails without stopping to rub my eyes and hold my head every few minutes!

Stop over thinking it and over analyzing it like I did. Let’s be honest, most of us have $15 to throw around anyway. If you get your coffee while you’re out then I know you have that kind of money to play with. So take a gamble. Buy a pair (or 5 for $15!). Worst case scenario, you’re not thrilled with them and you have to make your own coffee for a week!

Leave a comment on your success with blue light blocking glasses. And don’t forget, if you like my content then follow my blog!

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