Pick yourself up by the bootstraps

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So many things to point out about this phrase…

Implied “YOU” pick yourself up. YOU do the work!

Which leads us to the next point…

YOU have WORK to do. YOU have some PICKING UP to do. Now grab ahold to those bootstraps!!

If you are in a rut (financial, emotional, mental, physical) don’t despair. Yes, you can have yourself a little pity party, that’s ok. But once you’ve had time to process the crappy situation you’re in, get up and pick yourself up by the bootstraps.

Put yourself in the mindset that you will rise above it.

Attitude is everything. I’ve seen someone with everything become nothing, and someone with nothing gain everything. The difference in the two? Mindset and attitude. The ones that get up and kicks ass will dominate life. The ones that let life happen to them and strip them of everything will spend the rest of their lives annoying the rest of us with mournful tales of trials and tribulations… aka, they bitch and moan about the consequences of their own dumb decisions.

Don’t be that guy… go kick ass.

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