Productive Sunday routine

Take charge of your weekend for a more productive week.

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Get ready to rock this work week!

Before you launch into Monday, plan and prepare for your week ahead to optimize productivity and minimize the headaches.

And don’t forget to take care of yourself. While you’re grocery shopping, also shop around for a new work shirt.

When you meal plan, add your favorite dish to the menu.

Make your home a sanctuary and a resting place. Tidy up, place candles around the house, have essential oil blends staged next to the diffusers, buy some string lights to put up.

Manage your finances well, but don’t forget to live a little. Give yourself some fun money to spend on a treat this week.

And make time for self care. I cannot stress this point enough! Do not go into the next week on an empty tank! Pour back into yourself, and replenish your energy and vitality.

Comment below with your Sunday morning routine.

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