How to Meal Prep like a Pro

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I don’t like spending a day cooking only freezer meals. I really prefer cooking meals as normal (but in larger quantities). I’ll make Sloppy Joe’s and we’ll eat some and save some for the freezer, no additional time prepping!

Some top meals to make extra of and freeze…

Pancakes. Make a bulk batch then freeze individually on a cookie sheet after they’ve cooled. Pop them in the toaster while you wait for the coffee to brew.

Tuna casserole. It’s just me and my husband, so if I make a casserole that’s dinner, plus leftovers, plus a freezer meal!

Chopped onions. This isn’t a meal, i just always need chopped onions.

Sloppy Joe’s. Just throw it on some buns and add a side dish.

Meat loaf. Great with mashed potatoes, green beans, and gravy.

Shepherd’s pie. (From leftover meatloaf, mashed potatoes, and green beans).

Pulled BBQ. Great with slaw and beans.

Chicken Fajitas. You can get wraps from Kroger for crazy cheap!

Shredded chicken. Again, not a meal, but super handy!

Chicken chili. White beans, onions and corn.

Chili. Kidney beans, black beans and crushed tomatoes.

Jalapeño and pepper jack cheese burgers. Throw on a bun and add sweet potato fries.

Sweet potato fries. A side dish for anything!

Cornbread muffins. For the chili.

Split pea and ham soup. So cheap and easy, and perfect for cold rainy days!

Chicken and Rice soup. Save this for when the family is sick.

Potato soup. Load up on some delicious carbs by adding some rolls to the side of your soup!

Bread pudding. Good for when you need to use up old bread!

Banana muffins/bread. A tasty snack or dessert from old bananas.

Chocolate pudding. Use up the old, expiring milk by making pudding (and it’s healthier than buying it from the store!)

The list goes on…

I just like to cook dinner in bulk, save some for a leftover meal that week and to freeze. Use up any expired food and freeze it (like bananas, bread, or milk).

Comment with your favorite freezer meals and recipes.

1 thought on “How to Meal Prep like a Pro”

  1. I buy fresh and frozen vegetables.
    However, I buy a lot of frozen broccoli, corn and peas and often whip them up in my dry bean dishes after I fully cook the beans.
    I don’t eat canned beans I like to make them fresh.


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