Create a Bedtime Routine for a More Productive Day

Revamp your mornings by adding four simple steps to your bedtime routine.

Wake up prepared, caught-up, refreshed, and energized for the day ahead.

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Prepare for Tomorrow. I prepare my coffee the night before. Lay out your clothes for the morning. Make sure your keys and wallet are accounted for. Do you know what’s for breakfast? Bag your lunch for tomorrow, eating out costs too much!! Pull out your planner (this is a necessity) and give your whole day purpose.

Complete Today. Tidy the house and do the dishes. Make sure you’ve completed your To-Do list, and transfer uncompleted tasks to tomorrow’s list. Get a good workout in every day, and drink plenty of water.

Create a winding down ritual. Turn off and refrain from all electronics at least 30 minutes before bed. Fill these 30 minutes with some self care. Dim the lights in the house. Brew a warm cup of herbal tea. Read something you enjoy, or read for self development. Meditate or pray, reflecting on the good in the day, and surrendering the events of tomorrow. Stretch or do some yoga for relaxation. Take a look hot shower or bath. Put some lavender essential oil in your diffuser. If applicable, ask your significant other for a massage.

Get some Zzzzzz. Plan ahead, and get at least 8 hours of sleep. Remove distractions from the room and listen to some bedtime meditations or binural beats to enhance sleep and relaxation (theta waves put me to sleep and keep me asleep all night!) Do some breathing exercises for 1-5 minutes. Make sure your alarm is set (and have a backup alarm). Surrender all worries about tomorrow, and sleep peacefully.

Enjoy waking up well rested and ready for the day!

Increase your productivity and relaxation in your morning routine.

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