How to create a simple life

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Sell Your Crap

I live a fairly minimalist life, and yet I listed almost $400 of household items that go unused or unloved. Have a yard sale, or post ads online. Sell what doesn’t have sentiment value or purpose.

Pay Your Debt

After you sell your crap, enjoy the lack of clutter and put that money towards creating financial freedom. If you’re fortunate enough, you don’t have any debt and you can put the money towards eating out, a spa day, or even a short vacation!

Do What You Love

You are free of unnecessary clutter.

You are free of debt or financial worry.

You are free to do the things you love.

Take a moment to journal 10 things that you love to do, and 5 things that are good for you, and 2 things you want to try.

Now go and make it happen.

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