Intermediate Fasting

Isn’t intermediate fasting just another lose-weight-quick fad diets that doesn’t work?

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According to the more recent studies, intermediate fasting isn’t just some fad diet that starves the weight off you, only for you to gain it all back the moment you eat. On the contrary, you aren’t supposed to starve at all, and you don’t have to restrict the types of food you eat or your calorie intake. The fasting is all about when you eat, not what you eat. The science behind it is getting your body to stop burning the fuel we constantly put in it, and start burning all the excess fuel we have stored. It gives your digestive tract and other organs a break from the constant work.

There’s no one set way to go about this. Fasting can be broken down to different times of the day, and the length of the fast can be adjusted to meet each individual. I started out very lightly. I fasted 16/ate 8. My fast starts at 8pm every night (no more food after 8), and it continues on past bedtime- 10pm, throughout my morning- 6am, and until lunch- 12pm. So basically, I skip breakfast. I use this time to focus on hydration and filling up on herbal teas to aid in detoxifying my healing body. If I drink coffee I have it black.

You may get hangry, especially when first starting out. This is just your body’s reaction to hunger hormones. You aren’t going to starve by skipping one meal. Push through!

Again, by hydrating and filling up on herbal teas you should be able to endure the couple hours of hunger without a problem. You can continue on about your routine as usual. You can even continue to exercise, as long as your body feels comfortable.

The longer you fast, the more your body will begin to reap the benefits, but also the harder it will become. Fasting can range anywhere from 14-72 hours, with optimal results. My goal is to lengthen my fasting period until I can comfortably fast for 72 hours, maximizing the benefits.

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