The Modern Housewife

I wish I was an oppressed female living in the 1950s so I could be a housewife and not feel guilty about it.

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Can any of my readers relate to that statement?

Trying to balance a home life with a successful career is difficult to say the least. Maintaining a household alone is challenging and exhausting, but add in a 40+ hour work week, and the task is near impossible!

I have a full-time position that demands a lot of my time and energy, and even though I blog for fun, it still takes time and commitment as well.

How is it possible to do it all?

Time management.

Prioritize the tasks of the day and complete them in that order.

It is so important to have a good morning routine that gets you ready and starts the productivity. You can read about my morning routines throughout my blog.

I usually go to work first thing in the morning, so I go and get that knocked out of the way.

I get to come home in my lunch break most days. This is when a load of laundry gets started, dinner gets prepped, and the Roomba gets turned loose.

At the end of the workday, dinner gets finished and leftovers stored for lunches, the dishes get done, the kitchen gets a wipe down, laundry is folded and put away, the house gets decluttered, and the bathroom gets a quick swipe.

At least one of my days off every week will be dedicated to deep cleaning, organizing, purging, and decluttering. Because how else do you stay on top of it?

Deep cleaning only consists of disinfecting the bathroom and kitchen. Mopping the floors. Washing the sheets, towels and table cloth.

Organizing means all paperwork, mail and bills get paid and filed.

Purging happens house-wide, but usually begins in the fridge. All the food about to go bad gets brought to the front of the fridge and the meal plan gets an update. Whatever can’t be consumed ends up in the freezer. The rest of the purge speeds through the house, room-to-room. Anything we don’t need or use gets tossed, re-gifted or sold.

Decluttering is basically putting items back where they belong. There’s really no order to this method.

My other day off is a combination of errands and an exciting outing!

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