4 things to write down first thing in the morning

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I have 4 notebooks that I use each and every morning. These were super cheap at Walmart. Total cost was under $5, and look how cute they are!

First thing in the morning, while you’re sipping your coffee, pull out your four journals and start writing out success.

Journal. I journal gratitude and positivity. I envision what I want my day to look like and I write that out. I imagine a future life, the one I want to cultivate, and I write that out, no matter how farfetched or unobtainable it may be! Just be honest, what would you really want if you could have anything? Now write all that down and spend time imagining it and enjoying it.

To-do list. I jot out my To-do list for the day. This includes cleaning tasks, personal errands, work goals, dinner prep, workout and hydration. I write down even the simplest of tasks, just so I can enjoy crossing it off my list!

Ideas. This is mostly a running list of literature I want to read/listen to. I will also jot down specific items (decor/furniture/clothing) that I might want gifted to me. I have no problem at all telling people what I want for birthdays or Christmas. I’ve learned that if I don’t, people will buy the most random crap and say, “I just knew you’d love it!” as I unwrap a grandfather clock. Not so bad, except I live in a small house and really don’t want or need a huge clock.

Groceries. I keep a running grocery list. As I use things up or throw things out I write it on the list. I have pretty much zero memory, so if I use up my coffee creamer I won’t remember until the next morning when I tear up as I stare at its empty spot in the refrigerator.

I’m still creating my annual planner. I want this thing to be PERFECT when it rolls out, and it’s harder to design and organize all that content than I expected. So until my perfect planner is published I’m utilizing adorable notebooks.

Comment below with your notebooks and lists!

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