Balancing life

How to balance it all: work, school, relationships, household, self care.

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If you looked back a couple years on my life this was probably the most typed phrase in my search history.

I didn’t really have anyone to teach me or show me how to balance all the responsibilities I had. I went to school and worked full time, I wanted to spend time nourishing the bond between family and friends, I kept a neat living space, and wanted to have a little fun of my own.

What ended up happening was that I got out of school, went straight into the career I wanted, invested all the time and energy I had into that, and let everything else slide.

I didn’t look for further opportunities to continue my education or build new skill sets.

I didn’t see family or friends much after I moved for my job, and I rarely made the effort to call or text.

My house was clean, but empty and unwelcoming.

I counted sleep as self care.

I did this for about a year. I went through a six month training period where I met my husband, and we were married that fall. Add that to my balance, and I was totally lost.

It took a long time to build up routines and establish priorities and create balance in my life, but it doesn’t have to be the same for you.

Write out your responsibilities on a piece of paper. This can be work, school, motherhood, caring for a loved one, health and fitness, self care, housekeeping, home renovations, buying a new home… In short, this is anything you are responsible to get done.

What is important to you? Of course it’s all important to you, but what comes first? If you’re not practicing self care, will you have the energy to accomplish it all? If you don’t graduate, will you succeed in the business world?

Rewrite your responsibilities, but in order of importance. Prioritize your tasks. Establish that this is what you will work on and invest in.

Cut out the things that aren’t a priority to you. Does 4 hours of screen time day keep you from investing the time you need to make good grades or turn reports in on time? Are you so busy trying to get through and unplanned day that you continually grab lunch at a fast food restaurant?

Be mindful and honest about the things you are trying to accomplish, and understand why you’re trying to accomplish them and what makes it important to you.

Comment below with your progress in balancing life.

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