Why I love my blue light blocking glasses

Note: This post may contain affiliate links and ads. I make commission on items purchased through links in this post at no extra cost to you.

If you suffer from eye strain, headaches, migraines, blurry vision or dry eyes after staring at you screen, you might want to try blue light blocking glasses.

I got mine after an influencer I follow recommended them. I’m so glad I did! They’re affordable and seem to do the job! I was hesitant to purchase them, they looked like cheap fake glasses, but I’ve been using them for about a week and no more eye strain after working on the blog all morning!

I do most of my shopping online at Amazon. Love that place ❤ Use the link below to search the exact pair of glasses I purchased. I love that it’s a pack. I stashed a pair of glasses in my vehicle and office and house!

Comment below if you loved your blue light blocking glasses!

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