Fall traditions to start with your spouse

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1. Go to the fall festival together. Let him win you a stuffed animal, share a funnel cake, ride some rides, pet the animals, and have fun together. Get out and enjoy your community with each other.

2. Take a fall photo shoot. Make sure you get plenty of pictures together throughout your marriage. Fall offers beautiful backgrounds, and you can wear the cutest outfits and boots!

3. Have a pumpkin carving contest. See who can carve the scariest jack-o-lantern and post the results on social media to get friends’ votes.

4. Decorate together. Make your home festive! Both of you should contribute to making your home the beautiful haven that it is. Go decor shopping and pick out some new items for this year.

5. Dress up for Halloween! There’s always some event or occasion for adults to dress up, even if you just dress up and stay home to give candy to trick-or-treaters!

6. Practice gratitude together. Regularly communicate the things you’re grateful for, and make sure your spouse knows what you’re grateful for about them.

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