What you need to know before moving into your first house

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I moved into my first house when I got out of school and started my career. I wasn’t completely unprepared, but I didn’t know about all the hidden costs, and I’d definitely do it over again if I had the chance.

Before you physically move in, paint. Whether it touching up, painting a room or two, or a full new look… paint before you move in. And include the doors, trim, ceilings, and consider accent walls. Chose neutral wall colors and add color to the room with accessories. If I could go back, I’d have painted the whole house with a gray/beige/white color scheme.

Budget for furniture. I only spent about $500 on couches. I got what I paid for. They held up for several year, but they were unattractive and not super comfortable. Save up and invest in nice furniture. Get a matching set that goes with your choice of wall colors! If you have time to play with, wait until they go on sale. It cost approximately $3,000 for us to furnish the livingroom with quality couches and furniture. And that’s cheap.

Budget for accessories. I did not have anything extra in my first house. It was bare and minimal. Which I do like, but it was to an extreme. Look at getting a rug, curtains, throw pillows, wall decor, a decorative bookcase or plants. These things alone are not very expensive, but they add up.

Amazon is full of budget friendly home decor and accessories.


Visualize your dream kitchen. Does the existing one need some renovations? If so, find the cost and budget for it. Don’t set up anything extra until you have the desired result.

Check out these cute kitchen linens!

What’s your kitchen theme? I used to want a copper themed kitchen. All copper utensil and decor. I’ve since started shopping around The Pioneer Woman’s collection. I like the pop of color and girly, farm house feel of everything.

Like buffalo plaid theme? Use the link below to search anti fatiguing mats for the kitchen.

Do you like your bathroom situation? Does the tub or shower need any work? I wish that when I moved in I had addressed the broken shower tiles and the nasty stained tub that didn’t match the tiling. Also make sure you use a water repelling, mold resistant paint in the bathroom.

Need some cheap bathroom accessories? Amazon stocks everything you need at super affordable prices. Ladies, check out these drain covers for the shower.

And last tip, deep clean as you go. This is s great opportunity to get in a real good deep clean.

  • Wash walls, ceilings and base boards
  • Wash windows, inside and out
  • Take down the mini blinds and wash those
  • Mop floors and scrub tiles
  • Use Bona to freshen up hardwood floors
  • Take apart appliances and thoroughly clean them
  • Clean ceiling fans, light fixtures and exhaust fans
  • Scrub out cabinets and closets
  • Use an essential oil diffuser to create a pleasant scent
  • Wash, dry and iron clothes before you put them away
  • Declutter your stuff before you move it all in.

Use natural and non toxic cleaners in your new home. Mrs. Meyers has an excellent cleaning line. 7th Generation has bathroom and laundry products. And Murphey’s Oil Soap is a good balance of thorough cleaning and not harmful.

Buy the set below.

Comment below with what you’d do differently if you could move into your first house again.

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