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For those of you who frequent YouTube, check out my new vlog at youtube.com/channel/UCClzgndrRV55bDOo5YQU-nQ

I found that it’s much easier to show you content than it is to write it. So I started a vlog! I’ll still be posting on the blog regularly, but now I’ll also have content for you to watch, so you can really get to know me and see what a real day in my life looks like.

Visit my house, workplace, office(s), kitchen, pantry, closet, cosmetic cabinet, grocery store, date nights, home gym, Hobby Lobby, local events and vacation with me! Enjoy a peek into my real life routines and habits.

Any time I make a vlog I’ll be sure to link it in the blog so you don’t miss any content!

Don’t forget to subscribe to my channel and like my content: lovefrombecca.

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