Bathroom deep clean

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Ever opened up a bathroom drawer or closet and thought, “WTF?”

If you haven’t, then this post is not for you. The rest of you, keep reading to find out where to start with bathroom decluttering!

Start with the laundry

Separate your lights, darks and towels. Run a heavy load with bleach for anything with mild or mildew. Don’t forget the shower curtain! Throw out anything that is worn or stained. Let everything wash while you tackle the rest of the bathroom.

Spray everything down and let it soak

Spray down the entire shower, toilet, sink, exhaust fan and walls with a good bathroom and let it sit. Get rid of any mold that’s been growing in the corners.

Clean the toilet

Take the entire toilet seat off. Urine splashes up and collects inside the seat hinge 🤮

Scrub inside the bowl, the seat hinge, and down along the sides and base of the toilet. Get all the drips and dust from the nooks and crannies. This is a lot less necessary if there are only women in this bathroom!

Pour a little mouthwash or another fresh scent into the tank of the toilet. It will freshen the room while you’re cleaning and for the next person to flush!

Wipe everything down

Use a wet rag to wipe and rinse everything that you sprayed down earlier, including the walls and baseboards! (Have fun with the walls nearest the toilet.) Wipe and dry the sink.

Empty out ALL drawers closets and cabinets

Sort through all the contents. Organize into throw away, give away and put away.

Anything that goes back must have a purpose and be useful! Put everything back in a neat organized fashion.

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