Adding miles to my run

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I got back into running again.

I needed something to change up my workout routine and ramp up my cardio.

I did my first mile one month before vacation, and I ran 5.5 just before we left.

How did I add over a mile a week?

Cross training.

I only worked out 4 days a week. Total. That’s cross training included!

Monday Short run

Tuesday Upper body

Wednesday Rest day

Thursday Long run

Friday Lower body

Weekend (optional) Yoga and stretching

I changed up my diet to clean whole foods and more greens and lean proteins. I never had to give up intermittent fasting. In fact, I followed the warrior diet while running and crosstraining.

If you are just now starting to run, don’t think you have to run every single day. Give your body a break when it needs it. Cross train for strength. Get the proper fuel and nutrition!

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