Fall Evening Routine

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After I get off work I like to come home and get the house ready for my husband. Dinner is usually prepped or cooking in the crockpot. While I wait for it to finish I set the table and tidy up. I hate clutter and mess around the house!

Candles give the house a warm glow and spiced scent. I light a few in the livingroom to create an inviting and relaxing atmosphere after a long day at work.

After dinner I wash the dishes and wipe off the counters. Leftover food gets distributed into lunch containers for the following day(s).

My husband and I like to sit and watch TV in the evenings. Sometimes it’s nice to stare blankly at a screen and feel your mind go numb!

I wash my face before bed and moisturize with my organic aloe if it feels dry. If it doesn’t feel dry I let my skin moisturize naturally with its own oils.

I light a lavender candle and turn on the oil diffuser in the bedroom to induce calm.

I’ll sip on some sleepy time tea in bed and stretch my neck, back and shoulders.

Lights out by 10pm.

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