Fall Morning Routine

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Rise and shine at 5:30am.

All my morning routines start with coffee. This time of year I brew up some spiced coffee with pumpkin oat milk. The warm drink and spiced flavor fills me with happiness first thing in the morning!

As I wait for the coffee to brew I stretch and practice some light yoga on the livingroom floor.

While I enjoy my coffee and wait for the sun to rise I scroll through Pinterest for inspiration then work on the blog. The blog takes anywhere from 1-4 hours of my morning every morning.

I practice intermittent fasting, so no breakfast for me. But I do sip on lemon water throughout the morning.

Drink room temperature lemon water all morning to hydrate and improve digestion

After coffee and the blog it’s time to put myself and my day together.

I workout with my husband for about 30 minutes on weekday mornings before we go to work. Our workouts are ever changing, but we currently combine HIIT workouts and weight lifting.

Time to hit the shower and freshen up after a good sweat.

Next, I journal and let go of the things that bother me, and make a game plan for the things I can control, then write kind words to myself.

I check my planner and write out a to-do list for the day, and check in with my goals. Am I on track to accomplish the things I’ve set out to do?

Lunches get packed and dinner gets prepped. You can save so much money by packing lunches for work and school, and you forgo all the processed food from a restaurant. Check out my other blog posts on meal planning and prepping.

I love a capsule wardrobe. You don’t have to worry about putting outfits together, just pull out your favorite top and bottoms and you already know they match!

My makeup routine is basically nonexistent. If I wear makeup I wash my face first and moisturize with aloe. Once the aloe has soaked up I dilute my foundation with more aloe and massage that into my face, especially under my eyes and my cheek bones. I get dark bags under my eyes and rossesea on my cheeks. I avoid around my nose and chin to reduce clogged pours and breakouts. Then a light layer of mascara. And BAM, there you have my makeup routine.

Then it’s out the door to work at my regular full time job!

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