My journey with running

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My journey is ongoing. I’m speaking from a motivational standpoint rather than educational.

I’ve run off and on for years. All through high school and then into my young adult years.

In high school I played sports and kept in shape with running, lifting and plyometric exercises. I was my heaviest weight then, hovering around 150lbs, but I was also in the best shape of my life.

When I was in college I spent about a year running every day, and that’s all the training I did. I built up to about 3 miles regularly, but I could do 7. I lost a little weight and lot of muscle tone!

Fast forward several years to me as a young adult. I started running because I was getting bored of my other workout routines. I went and did a mile, and it kicked my butt. So I came home and drew up a plan.

I was about to go on vacation with my husband to the beach in about a month, so I gave myself one month of training.

In less than 4 weeks I went from barely getting through 1 mile to knocking out over 5.5 miles.

It can be done. Maybe not in a month for all of you, but you can start running and add miles.

You can be a runner!

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