Why self care is important when you’re busy

Busy AF? Time for some self care!

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The busier we are the more energy we are burning. Trying to do it all: work, school, home, relationships, health… We even burn energy stressing about how we’re going to get it all done!

The day you say to yourself, “I can’t practice self care, I’m too busy!” is the very day you need to book a spa retreat.

Your priority needs to be YOU!

Who else is going to recharge you and sustain you?

It is unfair and unrealistic to find your energy and charge solely from the people and things around you. If you’re relying on your significant other to be a constant source of positivity and motivation, you’re putting a lot of responsibility on them.

Take charge of your happiness and wellness.

My job demands so much more than 40 hours a week from me. And sometimes I give it more than 40 hours. But I know my priorities.

If I start spending longer hours at work day after day, I lose time with my husband. Time away from my evening routines. Time away from planning and meal prepping time away from exercise and self care.

Work is important, and I encourage all you readers to be the best you can be in your career! But don’t be consumed by it. There’s a lot more to life than that.

Like a battery, take some time to recharge.

Get a massage or a pedicure. Go to a salon for a shampoo and style. Book a spa day and treat yourself to a facial.

Homebody on a budget? Treat yourself to a face mask. Paint your nails. Pour a glass of wine. Take a bubble bath!

Pour back into you.

2 thoughts on “Why self care is important when you’re busy”

  1. Hi. Just got to know your website. You’re a great content writer! Thanks for sharing such useful informations. I love your posts. Lately I’ve been so busy and burnt-out. Guess it’s time for self care to me too.


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