Have your house clean in a jiffy

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I woke up this morning and looked around the house in dispair.

A busy week had lead to increasingly larger piles of clutter, dishes and dirt on the floors. Time for action.

This is how I banished the mess in the two hours I had before going to work.

I always start with dishes. They are the bane of my existence. I gather all the dishes from around the house and wash them all at once, then clean the sink.

Counters are next. Put away anything that doesn’t belong and wipe of the counters and shine the sink.

Next on the list, I make the bed. I’d say this should be the first thing you do every morning, but I really do need to get dishes done, and counters logically come next. So bed takes a lower priority, but that’s just me just!

Trash and clutter go next. Grab a basket and the trashcan. Go from room to room sorting clutter and trash and placing them in the corresponding bin. Deal with the clutter later, at least you’ve got it identified.

Take out the trash. Replace all the cans with a fresh new trash bag.

Sweep and vacuum. This takes me the longest time for some reason I sweep all the hardwood floors then vacuum the two rugs. If I have time I’ll mop as needed. The kitchen got mopped because it really had gotten gross.

Open a window if possible and let some fresh air in. Light a candle or fill the diffuser with your favorite oil blend.

Pat yourself on the back.

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