Self Care Sunday

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Happy Sunday!

On today’s edition of Sunday self care…

Make an appointment with the salon

Even if your hair doesn’t need trimmed, or your roots aren’t due for a touch up, make an appointment for a shampoo and style. A professional stylist is trained to give a relaxing head massage, and you walk out gorgeous!

Dress up

Put on something flattering and pretty! Even if you don’t do anything else today, look and feel fabulous doing it.

Take care of your mind

Let go of your burdens and worries. Write down what troubles you in your jounal, then pray over it and let it all go. Next, write down how you are going to overcome your troubles, or how you will stand strong if there’s nothing you can do. Finally, write out your top ten favorite things about yourself.

We live in a crazy world. Don’t forget to take care of yourself this week!

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