Why self care is important when you’re hurting

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When you are feeling the worst about yourself it is important to incorporate self care into your routines.

There’s a lot of reasons you could be feeling the way you are. You may be in an unhealthy or toxic relationship that has drained you. You may be predisposed to believing very little of yourself because of the things that were said to you as a child. Perhaps you battle with depression… Any or all of these things can lead to a very negative self image. We even tell ourselves that we don’t deserve to treat ourselves well.

If you are struggling with this kind of self-hatred, now more than ever you need to learn to love yourself and take care of yourself.

This will be a long journey. Set your intention firmly on loving yourself and don’t give up until you get there.

Start by journaling. Every morning, write down 2 things that you love about yourself. At first, these tow things might be a lot. As it gets easier, write 5 things, then 10 things, then 25 things! Next, write out an affirmation to repeat this week. If you don’t have one of your own, write this one down and say it to yourself every morning, “I love and accept myself. I am doing my best and I’m proud of myself. I am perfect just the way I am.”

Get into the habit of speaking lovingly to and about yourself.

Start to take care if yourself.

In the morning, wash your face with a good scrub or soap. Invest in a jade roller or gua sha tool to massage your face as you moisturize.

Take your makeup routine up a notch. Youtube some tutorials and alter your style a little. Look and feel the best you can be!

Dress the part. Get out of the frumpy t-shirt and sweat pants. If your goal is comfort, opt for a sundress or a legging outfit. Chose clothing that I’d flattering and makes you feel good about yourself.

Have you been skimping on treating yourself? Budget for an allowance, and give yourself permission to treat yourself. This could be a coffee from Starbucks once a week. A donut from Krispy Creme on Mondays. Maybe it’s shoe shopping after work on Friday! Allow yourself some freedom to spoil yourself.

Make your health and wellness a priority. Move your body and challenge yourself physically. Give thanks for all that your body can do, and celebrate all progress. Eat clean, nutritious foods.

Invest in your place of work. If you’ve been a mediocre employee, now is the time to get on track as the next CEO of the company. Balance work and home life, bit while you’re at work you should be working hard and slaying goals! Let loose your inner boss babe.

Build good relationships. Go out one evening with a close friend. Have a dinner date with a loved one. Send a card to your mom.

If you are struggling seriously, get professional help. There is no shame in counseling. I’ve gone numerous times to get me through difficult times in my career and close relationships.

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