Three day detox

Lose 5 pounds with a three day detox

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Got a vacation coming up?

Want to lose the belly bloat for your weekend date?

Maybe you just want to kickstart a lifestyle change and fitness journey with an easy 5 pounds!

Whatever the reason, you came to the right place. This diet is healthy and designed to help keep the pounds off and set you on track for long-term healthy success!

I used this diet to lose- not 5, but 10 pounds!- right at the beginning of my extreme diet change several years ago, and I wasn’t even overweight. Dexing helped me to break my sugar addiction, reset my blood sugar, and get a taste for nutritious foods. I developed intuitive eating habits and built a good relationship with food. I felt energized and clean! I didn’t suffer from puffiness or bloating any more, and my skin cleared up and my acne vanished!

I recommend using this to kick start your longterm commitment to health and wellness. If you don’t continue to exercise and eat clean foods then you’ll bloat back up and be start feeling sluggish almost instantly.

Use this to break the sugar addiction and set a foundation for success!

Click the link to Day One of the detox diet

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