Three day detox

Detox Diet, Day Two

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Welcome back! How do you feel after completing your first day on the detox? Have you started to crave a normal breakfast? You’re in luck.

For breakfast this morning, scramble two eggs with a splash of cashew milk. Make an omelet and stuff it with sautéed onion, pepper, mushrooms and garlic. Enjoy with a cup of lemon water.

Today you can snack on 12 almonds, 1/4 berries or carrot sticks. Sip more bone broth if you need the added protein.

Same lunch as yesterday, top a garden salad with grilled chicken. If you didn’t see yesterday’s post, here’s the link.

Tonight is a fancy dinner of a lamb chop. Serve with a side of herb crusted Brussels sprouts. Remember to keep protein servings to about 4oz. You can load up on vegetables if you’re hungry.

To aid in detoxification, relax in a warm Epsom salt bath for 30 minutes before bed.

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