Why self care is important for weight loss

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Stress makes you fat. When you’re under stress your cortisol levels go up and you store extra body fat.

It is so critical for weight loss to reduce stress!

One method of reducing stress is to practice self care.

Carve out some time during your day and week to pamper yourself a little and make yourself feel good. Show yourself love and acceptance for where you are. Do not put yourself under more stress by worrying about where you’re trying to get. Appreciate yourself right now, and you’ll get where you’re going a lot faster.

Take a break.

Slow down for a hot minute and take a break. It’s hard for me to say this because I’ve been guilty of getting into the pattern of working long hours, coming home and spending my remaining waking hours cooking and cleaning, then falling asleep frazzled and stressed.

Before you go to work and start your day, sit down with your favorite morning beverage and a notebook. This is my time for mental stimulation. I read my morning devotional and the corresponding scriptures then journal on what I’ve read. Then I listen to a 10 minute devotional podcast and journal some more.

Move your body. I love to workout in the mornings. It gets my blood pumping and loosens my stiff muscles. I do some cardio to get warm, then light calisthenics to build muscle. A good stretch afterwards feels so rewarding!

Give yourself some extra self care by practicing cupping therapy while you’re showering. I have a small set I got off Amazon. These are great for boosting circulation and reducing the appearance of cellulite.

After work, light some candles and pour a drink. Sit down for a minute and close your eyes. Think about your day. What went well? What did you learn? What are you most thankful for?

Get down and stretch out your whole body. Practice a pause before rushing into more work around the house.

Once you’re done with meals and housework, start your evening routine and unwind.

If you don’t have an evening routine, start one. Check out one of my posts on my evening routine!

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