3 ways to beat hormonal acne

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I have an ongoing battle with pimples popping up once a month. They have become the forerunner of what’s to come in the next week, and I dread their existence and what comes with it.

Some women go all month without a single blemish. If that’s you, then please comment below with your tips and tricks!

I have it pretty lucky. I realize some of my readers may wage war against severe hormonal acne and it’s underlying causes. And that’s what we’re here to talk about today.

There are tons of creams and serums on the market that target pimples and acne. I’ve tried them. I was even prescribed them as a teenager. They don’t work. They treat a symptom (the pimple), dry out your skin (which triggers a reaction to produce more oil), and they leave the underlying issues untouched.

I’m here to tell you there is a way to clear up your skin. Actually, I’ll tell you 3 ways. I’ve done it, and it was completely by accident.

Not too long ago I started into my health and fitness journey. I initially went about it to lose weight, but soon found there are so many more benefits to a healthy lifestyle than losing weight.

At the time, I ran daily. That was my only form of exercise. I don’t recommend that anyone stick to a running-only routine, but if you’re active in any way then you’re on the right track! Exercise promotes circulation and makes you sweat, which is great for detoxification and your skin!

I started to drink more water and herbal teas. I hydrated properly and eliminated sugars and processed junk.

I cleaned up my diet completely. No more carbs or sugars (at all!), and tons of green leafy vegetables and lean meats. This one will blow your mind…I added a lot of fat into my diet.

Turns out, not all fats are that bad for you. Cooking your meals in a splash of olive oil, or adding some avocado to your salad, or snacking on a serving of walnuts can actually be good for you and your skin! Some fats are actually anti-inflammatory, and help to reduce the inflammation in your body and promote healthy skin.

So recap: Exercise, hydrate, eat well.

It is not hard at all!

I’ll have a followup post on more tips to balance hormones and improve acne naturally.

Comment your story with hormonal acne below!

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