Diet for hormonal acne

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I wrote a post on 3 ways to beat hormonal acne. In that post, I touched on some simple lifestyle tricks that will help to balance your hormones and clear up your blemishes.

Today, let’s dive a little deeper into balancing your hormones and clearing your skin with diet.

Anti-inflammatory. Begin by including anti-inflammatory foods, and excluding inflammatory foods. For example, salmon contains lots of nutrition and healthy fats that are anti-inflammatory, but chicken tenders fried in canola oil are loaded in excessive fats that trigger an inflammatory reaction.

Start choosing lean, unprocessed proteins such as eggs, salmon, chicken breast, lamb and plant-based proteins.

Incorporate fresh organic vegetables. Think green. Add in kale, spinach, arugula and lettuce to every meal. Enjoy your greens fresh or lightly steamed.

Saute or bake vegetables like peppers, onions, garlic, Brussels sprouts, asparagus and carrots.

Avoid starchy vegetables for a while. Definitely no French fries! Cut out anything white or refined: breads, pastas, or sugars. If you complete an intense workout and you need to add in carbs or sugars, go with sweet potatoes or ancient grains like quinoa, couscous, or rice. When choosing fruits, go for small servings of berries, apples, or citrus.

Snack on vegetables that have a high water concentration. Cucumbers and melons are good snacks with a high water concentratio. Nuts and seeds are also perfect for munching on, and they have anti-inflammatory properties! Be sure to eat only small servings of nuts and seeds though, they have a high caloric and fat content and can inhibit any weight loss you’re trying to accomplish.

Detox. Drink plenty of fluids, particularly teas and water. Take a shot of apple cider vinegar ever morning, or chop up some lemons to add to your water.

It pains me to even suggest this, but substitute your morning coffee for some herbal detox teas. Dandelion, lemon, and ginger all taste ok, and they promote your body’s natural detoxification.

Take a bath in Epsom salts one a week, and add in a few drops of lavender essential oil to promote relaxation. It makes for a perfect self care ritual to add to an evening routine.

Sweat. A lot! When you workout, try to break a sweat and keep sweatimg. As you sweat, you flush out your pours and excrete toxins. Find a sauna near you, they have amazing health benefits and will help you sweat out toxins and can aid in fat loss.

Going along with hydrating and sweating, make sure your body is ridding itself of all waste effectively. You should be visiting the bathroom at a minimum of once a day to clean out your bowels. Eat a fiber-rich diet with healthy fats to keep things moving. Proper hydration and exercise also promote regularity!

If you are constipated, you are not ridding your body of toxins properly and this can lead to serious health issues. If this doesn’t improve with diet and lifestyle changes then consult your physician immediately!

Remove chemical exposure from your life.

It seems like everything Americans use is packaged and stored or made up of plastic. Plastic is harmful to our bodies and our hormones. Avoid plastic dishes and utensils, packaging or storage containers. Switch to glass, silicone or paper when you can. In addition to being good for you, it’s also great for the planet! If you need some motivation, visit your local landfill and think about all the waste that continues to build up and won’t break down for hundreds of year.

Swap household cleaners, cosmetics, hygiene products, fragrances and detergents. These are also things that could affect your fertility and general wellbeing. Look for nontoxic, organic and eco-friendly brands such as Mrs Meyers, 7th Generation and Thrive Market.

Move. Get your sweat on!

Move your body. Build lean muscle and shred fat. Incorperate cardio, weight training, crossfit and yoga into your week.

If you’re just starting out, do a variety of workout styles and get familiar with your favorite ones. I never recommend sticking to any one workout style for too long. Keep a variety of movements to reduce strain and injuries. A variety of workouts also keep your routine interesting and build different levels of strength and endurance!

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