Self Care Sunday

Note: This post may contain affiliate links and ads. I make commission on items purchased through links in this post at no extra cost to you.

Hello and happy Sunday!

Today’s post covers self care. Every Sunday I suggest a self care action you can take to treat yourself,, make yourself feel pretty, and let yourself know you are worth it!

This week, get your nails done. Or do them yourself!

There’s nothing quite like a good manicure or pedicure. The processes is relaxing, and the results are beautiful. I love to look down at toes and see a pop of color! You can make this low budget and do your nails at home. Click on the link to get this gorgeous 5 piece manicure set.

I like to stick with neutral colors for my nails for professional reasons, but I go crazy with my pedicures! Hot pinks and purples, designs and patterns.

If you papmper yourself to a professional treatment, enjoy it mindfully. Soak up the experience. Relax to soft music and dim lights. Make sure to visit a spa with a massage throne! Shop around until you find that perfect relaxing atmosphere and talented technician.

Enjoy yourself. And look at how great your nails look!

This is your “thank you” to yourself for all your hard work this past week!

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