Tuesday Health Tips

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Hello everyone, happy Tuesday! Welcome back to my blog.

I’ve gor another healthy swap for our Health Tip Tuesday.

If you missed last week’s edition of Health Tip Tuesday, click on the link to catch all my Health Tips.

This week, swap out you table salt for pink hymalayan salt, or Celtic sea salt.

Salt in general kind of has a bad wrap in today’s society. We hear of it contributing to high blood pressure and fluid retention, and our doctors tell us to avoid it. And they’re not wrong. Excessive sodium will screw with our bodies and throw us into imbalance. But what we’re not hearing is how important salt (real salt) is, and how we can incorporate it into our diets to benefit us.

For starters, change up the type of salt you use. Did you know that there are salts with lower sodium???

Lets talk about pink himalayan salt. It contains trace minerals, including iron, zinc, calcium, and potassium. The potassium helps to balance the sodium, and as an added bonus, its overall sodium content is already lower than regular table salt. This powerful combo of reduced sodium and trace minerals makes it an obviously alternative to regular salt.

Next up, Celtic sea salt. This grey salt contains even less sodium than pink himalayan salt, but contains almost half the trace minerals! Most of the health properties are similar between the two though. Both are less processed and are beneficial to your health when used in moderation.

Personally, I use the pink himalayan salt, but only because it is so readily accessible. Plus, its pink!

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