Morning Routine for Healthy Hormones

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Good morning! Welcome to today’s post.

Lately, I have been struggling with some hormonal issues.

I used to pride myself on my regular and predictable periods, and constancy in my cycle.

Boy, was I mislead…

All that “consistently” I thought I had was all wrong. PMS should not be consistent or predictable! It should be nonexistent!!

Turns out that bloat, acne, cravings, fatigue, major mood swings and PMS are not normal or okay!

Check out Alisa Vitti’s book In the Flo. I feel so educated and informed about my hormones after following her content!

On to the morning routine

Swap your coffee for chicory root!

Caffeine has been linked hormonal imbalances and shown to disrupt your glucose levels.

I’ve been loving this substitute. It’s delicious, minus all the negative health impacts.

Chicory root is caffeine free, non-acidic, high in inulin, contains minerals that support healthy hormones, prebiotic and supports gut health.


I’m a huge advocate for intermittent fasting. But when you’re trying to balance hormones you need to be cautious when fasting.

I recommend eating a little bit in the morning. I’ll take a hormone-balancing smoothie to work with me.

Here’s one example of a hormone-balancing smoothie.

Incorporate your mushrooms first thing in the morning! Check out products from Four Sigmatic.


I freaking LOVE evening primrose oil!

If I had to chose just one supplement, it would be evening primrose oil. I notice lessened affects of PMS and a healthier flow.

Click on the link to get the exact supplement I use.

I also enjoy red raspberry tea in the weeks leading up to menstruation.

Red raspberry helps to tone the muscles of the uterus, preparing for both menstruation and labor.

I really have not been consistent enough with this to swear whether it works or not. But it tastes great and is a very soothing tea to enjoy while you’re resting.


Don’t forget to drink enough water all month!

You can more efficiently flush toxins from your body when you’re fully hydrated.

When you sweat, replenish all that lost fluid.

And don’t forget to sweat! Either when working out or at a sauna.

Practice gentle movement

Move with your cycle.

Move your body every morning for at least 15 minutes, but only practice HIIT workouts or weightlifting when in your follicular or ovulatory phases. Then slow down and do very light exercises during your luteal and menstrual phases.

Your body is already working hard just to function, don’t stress yourself any more than necessary. Give yourself some love ❤

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