Tuesday Health Tips

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Ditch the coffee and try Chicory root!

While I do love a good cup of coffee, I must admit it’s a guilty pleasure and not a healthy treat.

Yes, coffee does have some health benefits, and it certainly is a perfect morning stimulant. But it has a negative impact on blood sugar and hormones, and it’s highly acidic!

Chicory root is a warm, coffee-like tea. It has an earthy after taste to it, and a chocolate-like depth to it.

It is a prebiotic, and contains inulin for gut health (not a bad way to start the morning!). It is also non-acidic, and non-caffeinated.

It doesn’t disrupt your hormones. In fact, it seems to promote healthy hormones and gut health!

Pair your cup of chicory with Four Sigmatic’s adaptogen blend.

Adaptogens nurture our ability to deal with stress, or adapt to it. It contains ashwagandha, an energy-giving herb that helps to balance female hormones.

Breaking the caffeine addiction is hard. I’ve done it before. I went cold turkey, and it was miserable! I recommend that you wean yourself off slowly over a week. Start to incorporate the chicory and adaptogens as you drink a more and more diluted blend of coffee.

Your gut and hormones will thank you!

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