Workout Wednesday

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What phase of your cycle are you in this week?

Not sure?

Don’t worry, if you’d asked me last month I couldn’t have told you either!

This week, discover the phases of your cycle and what activity level is most beneficial.

Use the image to determine where you’re at in your cycle (if you have a regular cycle).

If you are currently menstruating, now is a good time to rest and heal. Do some gentle exercises like walking or yoga.

Overlapping your menstrual phases is your follicular phase.

Once your flow has stopped you can begin to intensify your workouts. I recommend short sessions of HIIT or weight lifting for this week.

It’s not a bad idea to spend this week practicing crossfit and body weight exercises in preparation for next week.

If you like to run, this is the week to do it. Do a variety of cardio, such as sprints and long runs.

Work hard this week!

Up the weights and intensity.

When lifting, lift heavy. Lower your reps and boost your weights. Go for muscle building! You spent the past week training smaller muscle groups for stability and flexibility in your crossfit routine, now it’s time to put your body to the test.

Work on bursts in your HIIT training. Go harder (80% or more), but for less time. Get that heart rate up quick.

And now it’s time to wind back down. During your luteal phase your body will start to prepare itself for menstruation. You’ll begin to crave food and fatigue. Honor your body’s needs.

Continue with some moderate strength training. Focus on more reps and less weights.

Get out in nature for walks, or kayaking. Or do some outdoor projects!

Practice light pilates or yoga for strength as you get nearer to your flow.

We are so blessed to be women. We have such an opportunity to enjoy seasons and changes throughout every month. We can appreciate all that our bodies do on a regular basis. They so work hard, and can do such remarkable things.

Love your body and your hormones this week, and the rest of this month.

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