Tuesday Health Tips

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This week, swap all juices and carbonated beverages for water.

There’s this notion that juice is healthy because it’s sourced from fruits.

Have you checked your nutrition label on your grape juice???

High fructose corn syrup is often the first ingredient, and the nutrients from the “fruit” is almost nonexistent! So you’re really just consuming sugar that’s marketed as a health product.

Now onto diet sodas…

Yes, they have zero calories. But all that artificial sweetener is…well, exactly that. Artificial.

These sweeteners will actually cause a blood sugar spike, and the carbonation is bad for your gut and causes bloating.

Load up on good, all-natural H20. It’s naturally sugar-free, reduces bloat, hydrates, aids in digestion and detoxification, and supports weight loss.

If you follow my blog then you know that I love my Iron Flask and cannot promote it enough!

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