GYST challenge for December

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Follow a morning routine.

To recap what you’ve done so far…

On the first day of the challenge you worked on getting hydrated, then you ditched your caffeine intake. Yesterday you woke up a little earlier, which is helping you prepare for today’s challenge.

Follow a morning routine that works for you.

If you don’t already have a morning routine, create one.

You can use any of my morning routines that I’ve posted about, or search youtube for ideas.

  • I personally wake up at 5am.
  • I make a morning beverage of chocolate protein “cocoa.”
  • If I’m not fasting I eat some oatmeal with almond slivers.
  • While I sip my cocoa I work on the blog and listen to my favorite influencers on youtube.
  • Once I finish my drink it’s time to tidy up a bit. I make my bed, make sure all the dishes are done and wipe off the counters, throw a load of laundry in the washer, wipe down the bathroom, change out trash bags if needed, and sweep or vacuum.
  • Once the house is shining, I turn attention to myself. I practice 15-30 minutes of exercise. Sync your workouts to your cycle for peak performance and to support your hormones.
  • I take a hot shower and wash my face so I feel fresh. Then I get dressed for the day and do my face and hair. I have a 30 second hair routine and a 2 minute face routine.
  • After that it’s off to the workhouse or to run errands (never a break…)

Comment below if you have any great ideas for a morning routine!

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