GYST challenge for December

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So far in the the challenge you worked on getting hydrated, ditched caffeine, started waking up earlier, made breakfast, took a shot of apple cider vinegar, worked out and got showered.

Today let’s get ready together.

Do your hair and put on your face.

Fixing yourself up builds your self confidence, and builds others’ confidence in you!

You look good, and you know you look good. You look put together, and intentional.

But we’re a health-focused group here, so let’s go deeper.

Do you know what’s in your cosmetics???

Today’s beauty products are loaded with toxic chemicals that wreak havoc on your skin and disrupt your hormones. And…wait for it… They’re carcinogens!!!!!!

Several years ago I started sifting through my cosmetics to try and eliminate my toxin overload. When I started reading through the ingredients in my lotions and shampoo and make up foundation I could not believe what I’d been putting on my body!! I also can’t believe what products we’re being marketed!!

I’m far from where I want to be with clean products, but I’ve found some better options that I would recommend.

Bare Minerals makes a clean makeup line. My main complaint is that their products still come in plastic containers.

Function of Beauty makes a clean shampoo that is customizable to your specific hair type. I get mine dye-free and scented with essential oils. Again, my main complaint is that it’s packaged in plastic.

Some great facial moisturizers I’ve began using include: organic aloe vera, rose hip oil and jojoba oil.

I use a local vendor’s soap for my face. It’s goat milk bar soap with charcoal. I love it! And it’s lasted me over a year!! It cuts grease around my nose and chin, but doesn’t dry my skin out at all or cause any irritation!

Going nontoxic is possible.

I switched to a clean body wash from Thrive Market, and we purchase goat milk soap from local vendors.

My cosmetics and hair care has gone clean.

It can be done, and you should do it.

Take care of yourself and make your health and happiness your top priority ♡

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