Day in the life, hormone health

Morning Routine

Get rid of caffeine and replace it with cardio. You’ll experience a constant high throughout the day instead of the caffeine high and crash.

Take a shot of apple cider vinegar first thing in the morning. ACV has so many health benefits and can be so helpful in maintaining a healthy weight and promoting gut health! Follow it with room-temperature lemon water.

Take your supplements! Make sure you are getting sufficient Vitamin D and balancing it with healthy fats. This is key to having healthy, balanced hormones.

If you eat breakfast, load up on fuel! This would be a great time to make a hormone balancing smoothie with aloe vera juice (for gut health and digestion!) Or grab some fruit and a hard boiled egg.

Skin care. Wash face with charcoal soap. Moisturize with jojoba oil, rosehip oil and aloe (my favorite combo for my dry, sensitive skin).

Dress the part. If you’re a girl boss, then look like one! Wear flattering clothing, fix your hair and makeup, and drink your water, it’ll make your skin glow!

Don’t forget your greens! Lunch time is a great time for a salad loaded with protein. Try spinach with tuna and hummus, or chicken with guacamole!

Have a small routine when you get home to help you decompress and relax. Start by putting your clothes and accessories away. Tidy up the house and make it a sanctuary. If you feel dirty, take a shower and get comfortable.

Keep dinner simple. Stick to a protein-loaded dinner with a carb and tons of vegetables. Chicken with rice and stir-fry vegetables, salmon with sweet potato and spinach, turkey burgers with carrot fries… you get the idea.

Evening Routine

Wash your face and shower. If you need some extra love and self care, put on a face/hair mask or self tan.

Meditate and read your Bible before bed. Let go of anxieties the day held.

Turn off electronics and dim the lights.

Spray lavender essential oils on your pillows and sleep well!

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