February Goals

I hope you’ll join me this month in setting simple and obtainable goals to bring you closer to your best self!

1. Wake up early

Wake up early consistently every morning this month! Your definition of “early” may be different than mine.

I typically work a normal 9-5 schedule, so I wake up at 5am to give myself ample time to complete a productive morning routine.

And speaking of a morning routine…

2. Establish a morning routine

The goal behind this is to improve productivity and reduce stress simultaneously.

First thing in the morning, mediate and read your Bible. Set apart some quiet time to journal and set a positive and grateful mindset for the day.

Workout to get your heart rate up and blood flowing. It clears your mind and boosts your confidence!

At a minimum, make your bed every morning. If you’re feeling really productive, complete a small morning cleaning checklist.

3. Drink your water!

Staying hydrated is important to mental clarity, healthy weight, and energy!

4. Fuel your body properly

Incorporate lots of greens, fruits and vegetables. Chose lean, clean protein sources, and try some plant-based protein! Eat healthy fats and carbs, and ditch the processed foods and sugars!

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